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Hello there! I’m K. P. Dethridge – budding author, general cynic and drinker of fine beverages. I write short stories, novellas and (given time, patience and a lot more beer) full-length novels in genres such as crime, horror and science fiction.

I’m heartily sick of the traditional publishing process, so I decided to go my own way: on this site you can read some of my stories for free and others for a modest sum. Not only that, I intend to make free as many of my paid stories as possible after two to four years. I’d love to make money out of my writing, but I believe that everyone should be able to read them eventually. If you really enjoy my free stories, then feel free to donate whatever you think they’re worth – but it’s absolutely ok to read them for free, too!

I hope you enjoy my writing, and if you like it please spread the word to other discerning and obviously top-quality people such as yourself. Any reviews, criticisms or just plain adoring praise (too far?) would also be appreciated, drop me a line here.




Content warning:  My stories are written for a mature audience. I’ll warn you of any particularly adult ones, but please be above the age of 18 to read them.

Free stories


The Captain of a sleeper ship discusses free will with the artificial intelligence that watches over her precious cargo.

The Horror in the Woods

Desperate for solitude, a war-affected combat photographer is drawn towards a mysterious place steeped in a dark history

A Doctor Who Story
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Paid stories – coming soon!


Thanks for (hopefully!) reading my work. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Drop me a line and tell me!

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